Sunday, January 19, 2020

Felted Soap!

Felting soap is one of the easiest classes I teach and results in a pretty and practical little work of art! I like to add a few novelty fibers at the end to add a pop of color and visual texture. We had a felted soap class at Sawtooth right before Christmas, and the students enjoyed making 2-3 bars of soap for themselves and/or Christmas gifts. Not only do the fibers keep on felting around the soap, they are like a built in loofah sponge! We had a great time making these, here are a few pictures of my students' work.
 All colors and shapes, love all these happy colors!
 This one is like the planet earth, blue, green, brown, so soothing.
 The one above is like a miniature landscape with its blue sky with clouds and cliff above the sea. I can see needle-felting a couple of tiny black birds in that sky to really add a nice detail!
Love that purple!

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