Thursday, October 21, 2010

GA Quilt Show

There were so many beautiful quilts at the GA Quilt Show this year, I stand in awe of the skill and craftmanship displayed in Duluth, some of the most beautiful and intricate work I've ever seen. Before I even knew which quilt won the Best of Show, my friend and I were just blown away by the detail and workmanship in this orange and purple quilt. The quilting was absolutely amazing, all sorts of animals and images...and I love leaves; some of the leaves were made up of little green dots the size of a pin-head, and upon closer inspection, we realized these miniscule dots were actually appliqued and even stitched, unbelievable! I also loved the Hitchcock quilt, which was the first one you saw when you entered the show; I think it was titled "The Inspiration"...I've always been a big fan of his, and still love The Birds, although Vertigo is maybe my favorite. The quilt with the Lamb was just beautiful, should have won something IMHO, but the competition was just fierce this year! so many pretties...

I also taught several classes and wish I could've taken more photos, I only got some of my needle-felt class, didn't they do a fantastic job? I even love the renegade flower, which she just laid out and went for. We had a great time in all the classes, I even ran into some "home-girls" in my geode pincushion class! So much fun, and my friends Patty and Michelle who helped me just made it even more so. Here's some pics from the show.

Chantilly, VA Show

What a great time I had in Chantilly this fall visiting with old friends and making some new ones! Ran into my Japanese friend Yoko, I always drool over her beautiful clothing and fabric, and this year was no exception; this time I even bought a haori for myself in my favorite shade of lichen green (or as my friend Audrey says, "our green". ^_^)

I also taught a fun geode pincushion class, the girls made the prettiest pincushions and I made one too! I turned mine into a ring...wish I could've seen my students' pretty creations after they were cut open. I did get the chance to see one of the gal's and it was awesome! Sure hope she sends me a pic of the gorgeous necklace she's going to make with it. Here's a photo of some of my student's workin' their wool on the bubble wrap.