Sunday, January 19, 2020

Felted Christmas Ornaments/Dryer Balls

When I teach felting classes, I often let students choose their own fibers from my "fiber buffet" - wool fibers and embellishments spread out on tables and sorted by color and fiber content. At the end of the class is clean-up time, and there are always a lot of little bits of this or that left. Eventually I have a bag full of these colorful balls of wool fluff. So when my daughter mentioned that they might not decorate their Christmas tree this year, as they have a new kitten, I offered to felt some kitten-friendly Christmas ornaments! I felted these from my wool bits, then ran narrow ribbon through them so they could be hung or tied on their tree. I think both my daughter and the new kitty enjoyed them! And later they can also be used as dryer balls to reduce static and soften clothes in the laundry.
 I felted a bit of catnip in the large red and white ball, bet that was kitty's favorite!
These came out with pretty flower patterns felted in them, a happy accident!

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