Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday busy-ness!

Well, it's happened again...Christmas has snuck up on me and I am counting the hours as I bake cookies, address cards (fewer this year), email friends, and make a few last-minute gifts. I wish I had time to create something hand-made and unique for everyone on my Christmas list! But time does not permit, and so this year I kind of "cheated" on some of my hand-made gifts and let my washing machine do the felting for me! When making a few wooley pin-cushions to sell/display at my next show, I made them big enough to have an extra slice off the top to make a wool geode pin. They turned out so cute, here's a few of them in the photo below right; and yes, I gave some of them as gifts! I'll be teaching this technique a couple of times in 2009, so stay tuned for that.

Hope your Holidays are merry and bright! See you in 2009!