Sunday, September 25, 2011

PA National Quilt Extravaganza

It was so great to visit the Oaks, PA again and re-connect with creative souls I met last year! Lots of exciting things happened at the show; my friend Karen from Quiltricks and I were on either side of an vendor who was unable to attend the show, and so we were privileged to have a bit of additional wall space to display our quilts. I had brought a special "Felted Garden" quilt I've been working on with lots of felted embellishments, it was for my "Walk on the Wool Side" demo, but I took the opportunity to display it for the attendee's enjoyment. I had a wonderful response, and am hoping to be invited to teach some of the felting techniques shown in my quilt, will definitely keep all posted on that.

Meanwhile, I did teach my Wild Wooly Flower class at the show, we are garnering quite an interest in felting I must say. The girls in the class created some amazing flowers, here are a few photos of some of their beauties. I even had one high-achiever, Janeke, who made 2 flowers in the class, then slipped them together to make a double-layer flower, gorgeous! Another gal Lois brought in some absolutely magical needle-felted animals she had made from wool from her very own sheep, we were all so impressed: lambs, flying pigs, a dog from a photo, rabbits...the cutest were the "hunting foxes" with their little red jackets, hats and bugles, adorable. I'm looking forward to returning next year, what felting fun we will have then!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tranqwool Nuno Scarf Class

What gorgeous scarves the girls made at Tranqwool Knitting Provisions in Salisbury today! Each piece turned out so unique and different; Elizabeth's beautiful autumn colored scarf reminded one of fall leaves scattered on a forest floor. Ann's blue scarf was in colors of Monet with lots of bling, and she even added some glow-in-the-dark yarn for a fun night surprise! And Karen did something totally different with her scarf, embellishing the ends with a little mini-flower garden scene, it was just spectacular! All of them works of art...and something else different happened today, too: a family shopping in the store pitched in and helped do some of the felting, giving the girls a nice long break, wow! Life's full of surprises, and this was a very nice welcome one. All in all a fun day, so proud of my students for their beautiful creations.