Monday, May 2, 2011

10 years ago

In a matter of minutes, I am transported back 10 years to a day of watching in horror as the twin towers collapsed, planes crashed, thousands of lives were ended too soon, and life as we knew it would never be the same. Praise God that Osama bin Laden is finally gone, and I also pray that, although this will not bring back all those families' loved ones, it might bring them a sense of peace and closure. As our pastor said yesterday, God has a plan, and He always accomplishes it, with or without our help, it's going to get done. The prayers of millions of Americans have been answered this day.

This news brings back so many memories from 2001: hearing the news, the first person I thought of was my cousin Mark who lived in Manhattan; was he safe, or was he among the victims? Also our friend Steve who works in the Pentagon, was he OK? We quickly got on the phone to start checking on family and friends. Thankfully, ours were not among the unfortunate ones.

And finally, on a more happy note, this also reminds me that I have been working with my Woolfelt company, National Nonwovens, for 10 years! I met them at Spring Quilt Market in Atlantic City in 2001, and they gave me some of their wonderful Woolfelt squares to play with. My first design came out that fall, and in fact I ran an ad in a trade publication advertising my new pattern which was released within a week of 9/11. It's still a good seller to this day, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with N.N. all these years, moving into fiber art along with my folk art as they expanded their product line, and now their awesome bamboo felt! I look forward to continuing a happy relationship with all the great folks there for many more years to come.