Friday, April 16, 2010

Kure Beach

My visit to Kure Beach was so much fun, inspirational and rejuvenating! I stayed with a family I knew a little bit, and now I feel like we're fast friends, they were so kind and gracious to me. We ate out and feasted on wonderful seafood (yup, I broke my diet just a little bit, it was worth every bite!) Had a great time trading ideas and stories, and after the class and dinner Saturday night, we went for a walk on the was a little chilly with the breeze, but just beautiful. I stopped by the pier for one last look on my way out of town, here's a shot of the morning sun gloriously rising over the ocean.

Kure Beach Class

Last weekend I had the good fortune to teach my Nuno-felted Scarf Class to the most wonderful group at Kure Beach, a very creative bunch of gals called "Uncommon Threads". These ladies made some truly extraordinary scarves! They worked diligently on their layouts, many of which were quite intricate and unique, and I'm happy to say also very successful. It was almost as if the fibers knew they'd met their match, and no misbehavin' allowed! We had a nice assortment of colors and styles, and when they were all felted and fulled, the girls spread them out on their towels to dry didn't take long, as you can see in the picture, they were dry by the time we finished cleaning up and could be proudly worn. I'm so proud of them too, they were great students!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liliana's scarf

Scarf Class

What a great group we had for our nuno-felting class this past Saturday! We had so much fun creating one-of-a-kind scarves, and I am happy to say, everyone's work was a huge success! Truly this was a group of diverse individuals and each lady special in her own way, everyone was so generous to share their goodies and still each scarf turned out so different and beautiful. We took a break halfway through the rockin' and rollin' process to eat lunch, and treated ourselves to a great buffet salad bar at the Whole Foods shop just up the street. As a small-town resident, this was so special for me...most restaurants in our little town serve up bbq, chicken or fast-food, and I really miss getting to try new things. But we filled trough-sized bowls with the yummiest fresh fruits and veggies and assorted munchies, had some rich coffee and stimulating conversation, and returned to class all revved up to finish our scarves. Just when the girls thought they could roll no more, their works of art came together and did just as they were supposed to, as always like magic. I love the element of surprise that comes with wet-felting! I'm posting some photos of some of the scarves, they're still wet here, I can imagine how gorgeous they were once they dried! And the girls left with a special new accessory to wear for their holiday weekend.

Also a huge thank-you to Julie and friends at Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill, NC for hosting the scarf class. I had the pleasure of shopping a bit there after the class, what gorgeous fabrics! What great books! Needless to say I did not leave empty-handed.