Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christmas Critters Quilt

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog during the recent blog tour and for all the wonderful comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing my Christmas Critters quilt in the QN Best Christmas Quilts magazine, and hope it inspires you to try your hand at this design or others using Woolfelt. The Woolfelt really does make the applique easier to sew, as you don't have to turn under the edges; I even used it on the "orange peels", which are the green crescent-shaped pieces that frame each of the critters on the outer edges of the applique blocks. Of course, you can always use all cotton if you prefer, just use a fusible web for the critters and add 1/4" on the curved edge of the orange peels to turn under. I do like the tactile feel of the wooly fabrics though, perfect for a young one's exploring mind and touch.

Also, someone asked for close-up pictures from the quilt, so here you are! This will give a better view of the stitchery and quilting, I hope these are helpful. And another reader mentioned adding verbage to the lamb, a great idea! That made me think, wouldn't it be cute to add text to the quilting in the borders? You could write a Christmas story, classic or scripture, then you would truly have a quilt that told a story. I'm working on a new kid's quilt pattern that will be out later this fall, I may just have to try it on that one!

And I'm still waiting to hear from QN to see if our winner has been notified, hopefully this week I'll hear something and can make the official announcement on my blog! Until then, enjoy these photos, and thanks again for visiting.