Monday, November 6, 2017

"Cracked Mud" Scarf class in Houston

We had an amazing felting class Wednesday at the show, the "cracked mud" scarf. I had seen this technique using wool on wool, but I put my spin on it and developed a technique that can be used on a silk chiffon scarf. The girls did an unbelievable job, each scarf was truly unique! I was so busy hopping around helping folks I didn't get many pictures, here are just  few of their beautiful work. They'll be even more glorious when they're actually dry!
 I love the touch of teal peeking up from the edges of this pretty purple scarf!
 Olive green on a royal purple silk chiffon base, just lovely!
 Teal and purple are always a winning combination, and the silk fibers set it off beautifully!
 Love these complimentary colors and asymmetric shapes!
Beautiful magentas and reds on a royal blue base, gorgeous!
 And this was their sample/inspiration piece for their scarf, I had so much fun making this piece!

Silk Scarf-dyeing class in Houston

Friday afternoon we had a silk scarf-dyeing class, everyone had a blast and made absolutely gorgeous scarves! Again, kudos to all my students who braved facing the downtown traffic of the Houston Astros' celebration parade after they won the World Series (go Astros, yay!) Downtown Houston was packed with over half a million fans, they even closed the schools for the day! But we were oblivious to all the chaos as we had a big scarf-dyeing party in the convention center. Here are a few of the beautiful works of art created by my students.

 The black dye is always a surprise as you can see in the above scarf, beautiful!

"Needle-felt a Masterpiece" class in Houston

My last class in Houston was Friday night, and truly, I was just impressed that the gals made it to class as crazy as downtown Houston was after the Houston Astros' celebratory parade that afternoon! One brave student had to park a half-mile from the convention center, yikes! But fiber fanatics are a determined bunch, and we had a wonderful class. The students each started with a silk crepe de chine sheet printed with a classical painting; they had their choice of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", or one of Monet's "Water Lilies" series. They got to choose from my assortment of wool fibers along with some silk, curly mohair, bamboo and Angelina fibers, and needle-felted to their heart's content. I also brought some hand-spuns and yarns for Van Gogh's trees in his piece, which worked beautifully. Here are some photos of some of the works in progress.

The last one was the piece I did as a sample for the class, this was such a fun and easy project! And it was very relaxing to sit and chat and needle-felt with other folks after a busy day.