Monday, November 6, 2017

"Cracked Mud" Scarf class in Houston

We had an amazing felting class Wednesday at the show, the "cracked mud" scarf. I had seen this technique using wool on wool, but I put my spin on it and developed a technique that can be used on a silk chiffon scarf. The girls did an unbelievable job, each scarf was truly unique! I was so busy hopping around helping folks I didn't get many pictures, here are just  few of their beautiful work. They'll be even more glorious when they're actually dry!
 I love the touch of teal peeking up from the edges of this pretty purple scarf!
 Olive green on a royal purple silk chiffon base, just lovely!
 Teal and purple are always a winning combination, and the silk fibers set it off beautifully!
 Love these complimentary colors and asymmetric shapes!
Beautiful magentas and reds on a royal blue base, gorgeous!
 And this was their sample/inspiration piece for their scarf, I had so much fun making this piece!

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