Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wild Wooly Workshop with Lake Norman Quilters

What a fun and super-talented group, the gals from the Lake Norman Quilters Guild

These wild women all chose rich spicy colors for their blooms!

Mine's the biggest!

Puttin' on the glitz!

Getting the layout just right

The Lake Norman Quilters Guild invited me to teach my Wild Wooly Flower workshop in conjunction with my Wild Wooly Wearables lecture a couple of weeks back, and the girls truly wowed me with their creative spirit! Not to be outdone, these gals all picked rich spicy colorways for their big juicy flowers, and they truly felted some show-stopping blooms! They learned several techniques, including how to make pre-felt, how to felt dimension in their blossoms, how to create the curling tendrils, and how to make wool beads. I know these very clever ladies will put all their newly found skills to creative use in the months to come, and I hope to see their blooms on display at their wonderful quilt show this weekend! Here's a few pics we took in class, what a fun group and so talented too.

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