Tuesday, June 16, 2020

MAQF Wool Geode Zipper Necklace Class

Reminiscing on this rainy day about the last show I vended and taught at, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in VA. I was telling a friend yesterday how refreshing it was to get away from the "real world", we never turned the tv or news on the whole time up there. Who knew a few short weeks later the country would be virtually shut down? But that doesn't mean our creativity has been stopped, if anything it's allowing us to spend more time than ever sewing and making things! Here are a few of the beautiful necklaces my students made in our Wool Geode Zipper Necklace Class, most did not completely finish, but we had a great time and they turned out gorgeous! I know they enjoyed adding the beads from their kits later when they could ponder over colors and placement at home at their leisure.
 I love the asymmetry of this beauty and the artsy wool beads the artist felted, a stunning piece!
 Beautiful wool beads created by this first-time felter, I love her color palette she chose!
 Joyful happy colors in this exquisite piece!
 Such sweet soft colors chosen for this beautiful necklace, and I love the bottom pendant and also the simplicity of this piece!
 Gorgeous ocean hues!
 My favorite colors, and I love those center wool beads she felted, they look like little world globes!
 Beautiful complementary colors!
 Love this necklace and you can see the artist added a bit of bling with some Angelina in her wool beads she felted!
 Love these jewel-tone beauties, so rich in hues!
Judy Donovan joined us for the afternoon session after teaching a class that morning, I love the vivid colors and beads she added to her unique stylish work of art!

All in all we had a great time, and I feel so blessed to have had such wonderful students in this very creative class. I hope they will remember our class with fondness in the times to come, and maybe one day we'll get to do another fun class together!

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