Saturday, March 10, 2018

MAQF 2018 Needle-felt Landscape Class

What a great time we had in our Needle-felt Landscape Class at the show! It was a full class, and the students only had a half-day to create their little mountain scenes from my "fiber buffet" of wool, curly mohair, silk, bamboo and sparkly Angelina fibers. They each got a pattern to use as a placement guide, a rectangle of Woolfelt to punch the fibers into, and a felting needle with other tools available as needed. The students chose their own personal color palette from the "all you can felt" fiber buffet, and happily punched away all afternoon. It was a very low-stress and artsy class, and they all created beautiful landscapes, each a little bit different! I am so very proud of each of my students, here is a little sampling of their work.
 Beautiful accents and use of curly fibers for the little flowers in the foreground!
 I love this warm, glowing sky in this work-in-progress, and the heathery fiber blending!
 I especially love her mountains in this piece.
 This is a very exciting landscape, lots of visual texture!
A beautiful design, and gorgeous composition of the silk and wool flowers and curly fibers in the foreground.

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