Friday, July 15, 2016

Silk scarf Dyeing Class

Recently at Sawtooth we had a special day of "Taste of Art" classes for a travel group making a stop in Winston-Salem. Taste of Art is a fun way to dabble your feet in a particular art technique and come away with a unique, finished project.

I really enjoy doing the silk scarf-dyeing, my students come up with some incredible color combinations and patterns! And there is something about classes at Sawtooth that is so inspirational, you can almost feel the creative energy in the room as students are releasing their artistic vibe and spirit, it is so rewarding and fun just to be there. Here are a few samples of the silk scarves from this group, everyone got to dye 2 scarves and they were just exquisite! I look forward to teaching this TOA again on August 19.

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