Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vessel class at Tranqwool

Last weekend we had a new felted vessel class at Tranqwool Knitting Provisions aka Green Goat Gallery, and what beautiful vessels these girls made! I have to say my students were experienced felters, they had gone through all the rockin' and rollin' we do in my nuno-felting classes, and so they were thrilled to do some wet-felting with minimal rolling. Instead we rubbed and bounced our way to felting freedom and the results were spectacular! Their works of art were very different, one girl wanted a larger vessel and chose more subdued hues, and then we had an explosion of color and texture too! So proud of my students and we all enjoyed the class - as well as the delicious lunch Jenny prepared for us that day.
 The colors and textures really came out in Jane's beautiful vessel when it dried!
Love Anne's delicious soft colors and curly fibers!

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