Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raleigh Classes

Here's some photos from our Wool Geode classes at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Raleigh, my daughter Maxi came with me on Saturday and helped in the booth while I taught, what a great time we had! She modeled my little top hat from my "Fascinator Fun" pattern and dressed the part for the day in a steam-punk style, everyone at the show just loved her look and youthful energy. I had to snap a pic with her just as we got to the convention center, the quilters had decked out the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in a quilt and garters to celebrate the show, that had to be a first for him!

The Wool Geode classes were so much fun too, it's always hard to photograph their work, as the geodes have to be cut after they dry, usually after the students get home. But one of my students did come back the next day, and as I had brought my cutting utensil, we went ahead and cut hers right there in the booth, it turned out gorgeous! These make great pincushions and the students can use the slice off the top to make a brooch to wear or embellish a hat or purse. All in all it was a fantastic show, made even better because I got to visit with my daughter too. Had to get a pic of the awesome cobb salad she made one night complete with grilled chicken and bacon, fresh avacado, and fresh slices of mango, yum!

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