Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silk Dyeing

A couple of weeks ago I took a class with Mary Anne Caplinger on silk dyeing, little did I know what a pro I was studying with! Mary Anne was an awesome teacher and so talented, I discovered she has written 2 books on her particular niche in the quilting world, a beautiful artsy technique she uses in many of her pieces, several of which were hanging in her amazing studio. (You can see one of her jackets in the background of the photo of Mary Anne and me.) She has also been to Japan and studied shibori dyeing and indigo dyeing, and so one of the techniques we learned in her class was "arashi" dyeing, or in layman's terms, pole-wrapping. I had always wanted to try this, and it was a little more involved than I expected, but I loved the results! And while we wrapped and tucked, we had a lesson in Japanese culture, learning such tidbits as that the arashi technique represents rain-drops. We wrapped, dipped and dyed all day and learned so much! I'm posting a few pictures from the class, which was so much fun to take with Carolyn S., she was a great companion. (Our wipe-up rags turned out great, too. ^_^)

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