Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tranqwool Scarf Class

Today we had a Nuno-felted Scarf Class at Tranqwool Knitting Provisons in Salisbury, these gals really turned out some beautiful work! They chose rich, vibrant happy colors to showcase their creativity, and each scarf truly emerged as a unique work of art. Once again Brian, Jenny's wonderful hubby, delighted us with his extraordinary cuisine as we enjoyed 2 special kinds of pizza (my weakness!) for lunch as well as perfectly made brownies with ice cream and his signature vanilla mint tea - yum yum! Jenny was as always both charming and helpful, and her shop a wonderful setting for our class, at once cozy, inspiring and I always enjoy the music there. All in all a most enjoyable day - I really enjoyed visiting with and getting to know the girls in this class!

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