Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Milestone Week

Well, it's finally here, back to school time for all the kids. Sadly, this also marks the departure of our youngest into his first year of college, we are officially "empty nesters" now. Where did all those years go? Seems like just yesterday we were reading together, watching cartoons, and playing "go fish". I am so proud of both my kids as they continue their academic careers, but they sure do leave a quiet house behind.

Another memorable day this week, Tuesday would have been my grandma's 99th birthday, and this is the first one without her here to share it with. In remembrance of her, I took the opportunity to use several challenges due this fall to create a special little quilt in her honor; it's called "My Grandma's House", and will be featured in my guild's calendar next year for the month of April - quite an honor! It was truly a challenge for me, as I haven't done many landscape quilts before, but it was a lot of fun too; amazingly, the scene is a little reminiscent of her actual house...only instead of a dirt road, we have a street of gold, and a house in her favorite color, lavender. My favorite part of course were the wet-felted flowers, based on the morning glories growing beside our driveway, my grandma always had flowers all around her house as well. I'm posting a photo of the quilt at left, enjoy!

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