Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Felt the Challenge!

Today I had a meeting with a wonderful little art quilt group I get together with once a month; we had each received a "fortune cookie challenge" back in December, and this was the big day the challenges were due. Well, being such a "wool-aholic" (have you had your daily dose of fiber? ^_^), I decided to do some nuno-felting, and so I made another silk 'n wool scarf, this one in a brilliant fuchsia silk chiffon with indigo, wine and celery merino fiber accents with just a touch of Angelina thrown in for a little pizazz. I loved the way it draped, but it needed a pin, so I made a wool "geode" pin to hold the scarf in place. I guess I got a little carried away when I ran across the matching fuchsia fibers, and so I found myself wet-felting wool beads last night to make matching earrings and a bracelet to wear with the scarf. I was definitely feeling the challenge as I burned the midnight oil to complete this whole wet-felted set of accessories! By the way...I got lucky with my fortune; it said "You are original and creative", which applies to most every quilter and stitcher I know! Anyway, see below left for a photo of the nuno-felted scarf, pin and matching wool beads jewelry, maybe you'll be inspired to challenge yourself, too!

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Lori said...

Those look beautiful! :)