Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday "News"

Welcome to my new blog! I'm so excited, my daughter came in for a visit and set it up for me; now I'll be able to share my "inspirations" with you on a more regular basis!

I do have some new things: first is my "Needle-felt Flower Pin" I'll be teaching at Ben Franklin Crafts on May 17 by request from the girls that were in my April needle-felting class. You can view a photo of the pin on my Schedules page of my web-site, of course you can make yours any color and Bonnie has some gorgeous new colors of wool fibers in stock! Come learn how to make this easy pin, you won't be able to just make one.

I'm also nearly done with my newest "Cuddle Buddies Quilt" pattern, so be watching for that on my web-site in the next few days. Can you believe this is my 50th pattern? And that's not including magazine projects etc. Speaking of which, I have 2 magazine projects coming out this month, I'll keep you posted on those as well, some fun new things to make!

I learned something else this weekend; some of you know that my daughter is specializing in Japanese and Asian studies. Well, just out of curiousity, we were looking at the Chinese "Year of..." web-site, and guess what the animal for my year of birth was? You guessed it, I was born in "the year of the Sheep"! I guess it really was fate for me to end up all about wool! ^_^


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Congratulations on your new blog! It looks great, and I think you will enjoy it. Just love that gorgeous flower pin! Susan

msblueii said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to more and who knows, I just may become inspired to try my hand at those lovely geode pins!