Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wool Bead Earrings at NCQS

We had a great time at symposium this year wet-felting wool beads and designing beautiful earrings and jewelry with them! The girls did an amazing job creating perfect little wool balls in a rainbow of colors, sometimes adding a touch of sparkly Angelina fibers for a little touch of bling. They coordinated these with novelty beads and findings to make beautiful earrings sets, and a few even had time to make a necklace. It was like a big felting party, I think everyone had a really good time. We definitely inspired each other - even me!
I really love Diana's purple earrings with applique embellishments, they remind me of tropical fruit!
 Wool bead set in progress of beautiful blues, greens and teal.

 So pretty, these little gems turned out just right.
 These red beauties matched this felter's apron and looked great on her!
 I love these, will be so cute with the glass bead accents and little flower appliques.
 Dawn's fun earrings were like little works of art, gorgeous!
 Love these pink beauties, she found just the right novelty beads to enhance the colors perfectly.
 Lovely lavender set.
 I loved this double-decker set of earrings, they were absolutely stunning!
 Lovely shades of rich purple with matching pearl accents.
Royal blue beauties with the perfect glass bead accents.
All the girls did an incredible job, and wore their earrings out of class!

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