Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shibori unwrapped

Images are starting to trickle in from our silk shibori class a couple of weeks ago, here are just a few of the gorgeous results. Mine is the pastel color palette
 Carolyn's beautiful teal overdyed with purples and fuchsia!
 My pastel hues...maybe I was inspired by shells I collected on our recent beach getaway?

 Rosie's gorgeous rainbow of colors, love these!

a change for me, but these days I am leaning toward softer, more romantic tones as I'm doing more with neutrals for my fall "prairie" line for Houston Quilt Market. (Ok, there will be some color natch, I love happy colors!) Some of us (me!) used wool yarn to wrap our silk with , so we got a two-fer: dyed silk and wool yarn for embellishing to match. I love all the beautiful, rich colors the girls used to overdye with, can't wait to see the works of art they create with these in our next meeting!

Fantastic fascinator entries!

Drum roll please...we have 2 new fascinator entries for our 25-year Anniversary Contest! These are so adorable, I just love Wendy's "celebration of Autumn" hat she made after taking my Fascinator class at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2014. As a teacher, there is nothing so rewarding than to be able to inspire my students to go a step further and try new things, put their personal touch on what they have learned in class. And Wendy has definitely done that here! And the green spring fave colors, and the color combination is spot on. Well done Wendy, and good luck with the contest going on in 2015 - a lucky winner will win 25 items from our company at the end of the year!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Lattice Scarf goodies

I found some great yarns for our felted Lattice Scarf class this past weekend! My favorite find was the silk/merino lavender yarn with built-in beaded bling, I can't wait to try this one! It has a beautiful luster to it from the silk, and the wool will help it felt into the fibers. It's going to be stunning felted into that lavender blue fiber colorway, but really, wouldn't it be pretty on the green too? I love green and purple together. I also found that gorgeous green wool fiber and think that will enhance several colorways, green goes with so many things! And I have a ton of autumn colors, perfect timing for this artsy scarf.

Looking forward to teaching this fun scarf in Charlotte September 19 and in Houston at the October Quilt Festival - no rolling!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Silk shibori workshop

We had such a good time in our silk shibori class today! I pre-dyed some yummy silk charmeuse in colors that I thought the girls would like: a nice green, teal, bronzy gold, ivory, a bit of red for those adventurous, and left a few white. This will be the base color for their pieces. Then I did a sampler of dye colors they could use for accent to paint over their silk once it was pole-wrapped. I also brought wool yarn for them to wrap with, that will take the dye too and then can be used for embellishment. Anxious to see how they all turned out, but we must be patient and let them dry first. Here's some pics of the girls hard at work.

These are the colors we started with, of course you can't really go wrong with silk! And the sample strip shows color choices they used for overdyeing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Dyeing to Felt" Nuno Scarf Class

Not long ago we had a nuno-felting class at The Fibre Studio in Charlotte in Debbie's new location, so much fun! Usually for my nuno classes I dye the scarves ahead of time, preparing a variety of colorways and always bringing extra's so the students have a nice selection. But for this class, I brought not only dyed scarves, but also white ones and let them do the dyeing themselves using instant-set dyes. The results were just gorgeous! Everyone did a different color combination: warm hues of spicy pumpkin along with coral red and purple, watery teals and greens, sweet shades of pink, cool minty green, and we also had a black one which really popped the fiber colors. Here are some before and after pictures, the girls just did an outstanding job and we had so much fun! We even had a mother/daughter team working side by side, my youngest student ever.

 Mother/daughter team at work here, look at those young hands laying out her fibers!
 Mom is hard at work doing double-duty - rolling with both hands and feet!
 What a precious picture of mom and daughter wearing their creations.
 A beautiful scarf, lots of great flowers and details here.
 I love the rich autumn hues this clever girl chose, lots of texture too.
 This scarf is so Judy! Love the colors she chose to pop on that black background.
Her scarf looked gorgeous on her, it shrank just the right amount to have all that texture.
Stunning as always, Christy's scarf was an exquisite work of art.

 Beautiful colors and textures, and her scarf looked great on her, perfect coloring!

I'm looking forward to teaching this class in Houston this fall, can't wait to see the works of art the students there come up with!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fascinator Contest Entries!

I am so excited about our 25-year Anniversary Fascinator Contest! We are getting a few entries, here are a couple of adorable hats made by the very talented Karen and I just love them! I've seen her in the steampunk version and it suits her perfectly! Karen made hers extra-special by including watch parts from her grandmother's watches in true steampunk fashion. (from our #175 Fascinator Fun pattern.)
Karen's other entry is a fun 50's style and I know this one looked equally fetching on her!
So much fun, can't wait to see what kind of entries we get in next!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wearable Art Exhibit: Destination Savannah

Recently I was invited to exhibit some of my wearable art at the Destination: Savannah Quilt Show in Georgia, I was so excited to be able to share my work with the public! I had a great time coordinating some of the ensembles I had sewn over the years with my felted accessories to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of my company Annie's Keepsakes. Here are some of my creations, lol I am not a professional display person but you can get an idea of how they look, enjoy!
 "Chartreuse Charade" featured a faux-nuno felted wrap and wet-felted flower
 This was a shawl I felted with a sander and then over-dyed with mocha dye
 This "Fairie Flower Quilt" and doll bed won a blue ribbon at Houston Quilt Festival
 Nuno-mosaic shawl paired with a retro Perry Ellis outfit I made back in the day, still love it!
"Reflections of Monet" featured a flowing jacket and nuno-felted hand-dyed shawl with geode pin.
 My "Tree of Life Cloak" began life as a wool tablecloth until my first visit to SAFF, when I needle-felted this design to have something fun to wear!
 Lots of fun applique techniques featured in this garden ensemble
 This jacket and scarf combo features shibori dyeing and a geode pin
 These accessories were all wet-felted with a painterly approach using a resist
The "Raspberry Romance" ruffle scarf was wet-felted with shots of silk and bamboo added, and a perky hand-dyed fascinator to match
The lattice scarf was wet-felted along with the shoulder bag and paired with my vintage prom dress!