Friday, May 19, 2017

Quilting Arts Magazine

And just in case you missed the image on my home page, here is the cover of the June/July issue of Quilting Arts magazine with my "Marbling on Wool" article. Lots of great stuff in this publication!

"Marbling on Wool" projects

I'm so thrilled and honored to have an article in the new June/July issue of Quilting Arts magazine! I had such a great time playing with the technique of "Marbling on Wool", and was so excited to be able to share my passion and discoveries with others. Not only are the possibilities limitless with the Tsukineko inks on wools, but there are so many types of projects this fun technique can be used for. The magazine showcased the steps for marbling so clearly from the photos I sent, they really made it easy for anyone to understand exactly what to do I think. I thought you might like to see some of the projects I made using the marbled wool too, so here are a few.
 This marbled background panel was the result of placing wool in the leftover shaving cream that still had some ink left but after the first wool fabric had been marbled, thus the blurred effect. The bird silhouette I cut out from black Woolfelt and fused on top of the marbled wool, which I layered over a larger black Woolfelt rectangle and sewed onto a tote bag.
 I added rectangles of marbled wool to this Woolfelt rotary cutter holder and also the cover for this photo book. I also used the same technique to add color to the sari silk tie and pearl cotton I used to embellish the photo album, which I also added a bit of stenciling to.
 This swirly technique is shown in the magazine, and this is exactly the piece I marbled with the ink pattern that is illustrated in the article. I then stitched it onto a chartreuse Woolfelt rectangle, which was hand-sewn to a denim tote bag.
I love this piece! I cut out 3" circles from all my experiments with marbling wool, and blind-stitched them onto a long black Woolfelt table runner. They reminded me of miniature china plates! I plan to hang this vertically on a narrow strip of wall in my hallway. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your marbled wool!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Carolina Fiber Festival 2017

I was thrilled to be invited to teach at this year's Carolina Fiber Festival! They had the show in a new venue this year, and I was so blessed to have a big sunny classroom that overlooked the entire show floor of wonderful fiber and yarn vendors. And my students were phenomenal! They made beautiful nuno-felted scarves of hand-dyed silk chiffon bases, hand-dyed merino wool fibers, novelty fibers and wool nepps. One daring student even tried her hand at cutting her scarf in a special way, the results were so striking! And our felted mini-bag class was so much fun too, nice and cozy, with beautiful results. All in all a wonderful, special weekend.
Silk chiffon scarves I hand-dyed for the class - before adding fibers and felting. The students get to choose their own scarves, fibers and other goodies to add for embellishment.

 So lovely, this student kept her artsy layout minimal, thus showcasing the beautiful colors of the hand-dyed silk chiffon underneath as well.

Beautiful creations! I love how this one turned out, a new technique Ileana tried - it worked!

Wool Beads Classes

I'm looking forward to sharing my love of wet-felting this weekend at NC Quilt Symposium! I ran across some images of some of my students from last fall, we had such a good time creating wool bead jewelry from wool fibers and beads. Most of these gals had never felted before, and they did a magnificent job! Some of these special girls I met through a friend who teaches them sewing, a small group of talented young ladies

 Lovely young ladies sharing their beautiful creations!

 Wool bead earrings and necklace set I designed for a beading magazine.
 Lots of color choices for our wool bead earrings class!

. Another ethnic group of wonderful ladies I met and taught through Sawtooth School of Visual Art. I was honored to share a skill with these beautiful moms that they could use in a fund-raiser to help them get health care. They made several wool bead necklaces, one of which they got to keep, and they also made some to sell to help them in taking care of themselves. It was a fun class; most didn't speak English, but we had an interpreter, and I got to dust off my Spanish speaking skills too! As a teacher, I always learn something from my students, and I definitely learned from both of these wonderful groups.
 Beautiful leader of the group and my interpretor, they were awesome!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Olde Rowan Fiber Guild Program

I had the privilege of presenting a program for the Olde Rowan Fiber Guild this week about felting, in particular wet-felting wool beads to make earrings, key chains, and other items. We had such a good time, what a fun, lively group! They did a fantastic job of wet-felting their wool beads, some of them had not tried their hand at this technique before and did such a great job. A large group, I didn't have time to take many pictures as I cruised the room helping folks during our time together. But we did manage a "selfie" towards the end (notice Pamela in front modeling her beautiful earrings she made!), and I grabbed a couple of shots of  wool beads and finished earrings here and there. All in all, I think everyone enjoyed it, and will have some special new accessories to wear for the holidays.
 Love the rich blue hues of these beads!
 What a fun group, we all had a great time felting! Pamela modeling her gorgeous earrings.
Felted wool beads in various sizes.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Healing in Art

What a crazy ride this week: between the unexpected results of the election and the resulting marches and riots on the street, folks unfriending each other on Facebook because of who they voted for, and all the surrounding drama, I am ready to take a sabbatical from the world and just crawl back into my little space and stitch! Today's sunrise celebrates a crisp, clean autumn morning, and I am thankful for the peace and serenity I feel today; not every day is like that for me.

  But I did take time this week to stitch. I believe there is healing in art, and therapy in using one's hands to create. Whether you are a quilter repetitively passing a needle up and down through warm  layers of fabric, a knitter/crocheter using needles to repetitively stitch your creation from yarn, a painter/artist utilizing brushes and other media to express your inner thoughts and feelings, or a beader, passing your needle through lustrous folds of silk and sparkling beads, this process has been scientifically proven to be healthy and good for you. If you can get together with friends or take a class and peacefully chat and share creative thoughts and energies, even better! Today I plan on taking the time to create with my hands, even for just a few moments, and thank God for the friends I have, the talent He has gifted me with, and the multitude of blessings He has showered on me. I hope you, too, are willing and able to find comfort and thankfulness in this tumultuous time.
Silk shibori beaded brooch I finished this week.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Nuno Scarf Class

We had such a great time Saturday in our nuno-felting class! There were 4 very artistic gals who attended and made absolutely glorious scarves, each one unique and different. They started out with a silk chiffon scarf base, either black or hand-dyed in a medley of harmonizing hues. Then they added hand-dyed and solid merino wool fibers in their chosen design: twirling vines, leaves, big robust flowers, swirly circles. Lastly they added the "icing": bamboo, silk fibers, Angelina, wool nepps, all sorts of goodies. Then came the soap, water and agitation, and finally, the shrinking and felting. What beautiful works of art each of them created! And every one so different as they chose their own personal color palette. We really need to get back together and wear our scarves when they're completed and dry, so gorgeous!