Thursday, June 29, 2017

Marbling & stenciling on wool

We had an awesome group of wool-lovers for our Friday evening class last weekend! Most people who love wool are familiar with folk-art and primitive designs, and working their magic with beautiful stitchery and hand-dyed threads. But we tried something a little different this time - marbling and stenciling on wool with water-based inks! The technique is similar to surface design on cotton fabric, but the wool adds a softness to the finished look. We also dyed pearl cotton with the same inks as well as sari silk ribbon, so each student had not only several artsy pieces of wool to use in their projects, but perfectly matching embellishments as well! And to add a special touch, we stenciled some of the marbled sections with the same inks. The girls had a good time playing with color, and got to stretch their creative skills outside of their comfort zone a bit, they really made some beautiful pieces! Here are just a few. This is the same technique I used in my "Marbling on Wool" article in the June/July 2017 issue of Quilting Arts magazine, we did add the stenciling.
 A beautifully marbled and stenciled piece, and the blue Woolfelt background will be the perfect touch!
 The red just pops on the wool here, and this artist added just the right amount of black to punch it up!
 Love this citrus-y shade of lime green, beautiful marbling also.
 This piece has such happy colors and is a great size to make a nice big project!
 Love these colorful little mini-works of art!
 These complementary colors are some of my favorites, and they played so interesting together here!
Gorgeous piece of work with the stenciled flowers, and the mulberry Woolfelt background adds the perfect enhancement!

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