Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Silk Scarf Dyeing at Sawtooth

It seems like each scarf-dyeing class at the Sawtooth School of Visual Art gets better and better! Last week's TOA class was no exception, what a grand time we had, and stunning scarves created too. We had a good-sized group including 2 men and a family; once I showed them the ropes, they just took off with adding their personal touch to their scarves with textures and colors. Here are a few of the beauties dyed in this fun class.
 Fresh pastel hues, perfect for summer fun!
 This clever student dyed the ends with one color/technique, and the center in a harmonizing hue.
 Love these pretty shades of pinks and lavenders!
Beautiful hand-dyed silk scarves drying gently in the breeze.

 This awesome dude was a natural dyer! We were all quite impressed with this gorgeous scarf he dyed, which his lucky wife will get to wear. Proud mom is looking on at left. :)
 The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! The lovely lady in the photo above dyed this work of art.
Awesome artist holding up her beautiful creation, I love the accents she took the time to add!

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