Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nuno-felting in Washington!

We had such a great time nuno-felting scarves last weekend! We had a beautiful venue, a wonderful farm in the country with lots of nature and sunshine all around. The girls chose their base, a hand-dyed silk chiffon scarf, and then cherry-picked their own embellishments to felt: hand-dyed merino wool fibers, sparkly Angelina fibers, lustrous bamboo, textural curly mohair, funky wool nepps. As they added their own personal touch, each scarf turned out unique and absolutely gorgeous! Here are a few pics from our class, they really don't do these works of art justice.

 Debby's sweet husband prepared this awesome lunch for us: veggies from their garden, fried chicken with a delicious sweet/savory sauce, homemade bread, and Kathy made 2 cakes for dessert - yum!
 Happy group taking a break from their artistic designs, this was such a nice classroom!

Beautiful finished scarves drying in the breeze on the garden gate. What a great time we had, I'm looking forward to going back and getting creative with these gals again this fall!

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