Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wool Beads Classes

I'm looking forward to sharing my love of wet-felting this weekend at NC Quilt Symposium! I ran across some images of some of my students from last fall, we had such a good time creating wool bead jewelry from wool fibers and beads. Most of these gals had never felted before, and they did a magnificent job! Some of these special girls I met through a friend who teaches them sewing, a small group of talented young ladies

 Lovely young ladies sharing their beautiful creations!

 Wool bead earrings and necklace set I designed for a beading magazine.
 Lots of color choices for our wool bead earrings class!

. Another ethnic group of wonderful ladies I met and taught through Sawtooth School of Visual Art. I was honored to share a skill with these beautiful moms that they could use in a fund-raiser to help them get health care. They made several wool bead necklaces, one of which they got to keep, and they also made some to sell to help them in taking care of themselves. It was a fun class; most didn't speak English, but we had an interpreter, and I got to dust off my Spanish speaking skills too! As a teacher, I always learn something from my students, and I definitely learned from both of these wonderful groups.
 Beautiful leader of the group and my interpretor, they were awesome!

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